Welcome to our family blog. We have been so blessed to have a wonderful family and supportive friends. We want to keep you all updated on our lives and hope this is one small way we can do so.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday, June 27, 2011

A much needed update!!

We bought our first home!! We moved in on May 28,2011. We love the house and neighborhood.
Charlie is working on the backyard. We rented a harley rake (power rake) We are almost done prepping and will be putting in seed in the next week!! Yeah for grass!!
My girls' favorite activity is playing in the mud. Since there is no grass I don't have much other option if they want to play outside. Oh well you are only young once.
My big brother got married on June 18 to Jennie Wooters from Kingwood, Texas. They were married in the Houston Temple. We had such a fun time celebrating with them.
Pictures right oustide the temple. Boy was it hot!!My girls are just bound and determined to make after wedding pictures a horrible event. Hopefully by the time my two younger sisters get married they will be better at smiling for wedding pictures!
Outside our hotel
Charlie got to spend Father's Day in Galveston Texas.

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad. In this picture is me and my 3 sisters and the girl on the right is Darya she is my family's foreign exchange student from Ukraine. She is basically like our sister and we are sad that she is going home at the end of this month.
We stopped by the NASA space center. We didn't go inside for lack of time and mulah but we did take some fun pictures by the entrance! Aww memories. Oh and driving in Houston is quite the experience. I am glad that I live in little ol' Twin Falls Id and that I don't have to drive on 14 lane highways for my daily commute.
Andrea is learning how to walk. She can only take a few steps but it is still very exciting. Maybe by the time she is one (July 22) she will get her confidence. (Below) Burried in the never ending chore of laundry.
Camping with my mom and dad and sisters. We had fun at the Bruneau Sand Dunes last weekend. These are pictures of us around the campfire. My camera battery died and so I don't have any pictures of the dunes but when I get the pictures from my family I will post them. For any of you that have not been to the dunes, they are really cool and it is a great workout to climb up them.

My girls at Shoshone falls. These waterfalls are considered the Niagra of the West. If any of you come and visit me then I will take you to see them! Well thanks for enduring through all these pictures. We are doing great and just trying to get settled into the new house. We are grateful for family and friends who have been so supportive through these last few months/years!! Hope everyone as a wonderful summer.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Andrea 6 mo. Sitting up by herself!! Yikes crawling is next.

Annagrace 5.Strawberry Pie Yum!

Olivia (Livvy) 2 1/2

Macy 3. What a colorful dish.

We have had enjoyable January. It seems nearly impossible that it is already 2011. Andrea just had her 6 month birthday. Macy is learning her letters better and can even spell her name! I am now watching two girls three days a week in the mornings. We have had a lot of fun pretending to be knights, princesses, pirates, and fairies. We have made playdough and had many picnics. I thought I would share some of these pictures. When I get around to it I will try to figure out how to edit some of the videos that I have made.

Friday, December 31, 2010

My little Sister is Married and other stuff

Andrea on a blanket her Aunt Ari made

Cute as a Bunny

We love the snow!!

My baby sister is married!!Welcome to the family Alex

New Family Photo

Friday, October 8, 2010


There is a children's book called Mud. In it a little boy explores the joy of mud and invites all his friends to join in. Everytime I read this book to Macy, I think, "What is that little boy's mother going to say?" I hope I reacted right when Macy decided to do a little exploring of herself. I just grabbed my camera and she became a model in a photo shoot. Then I hosed her off and changed her clothes. Can life really get any better than oozing your toes and fingers through wet cold mud?

Friday, September 24, 2010

A little time for pictures

I have a new respect for photagraphers of little children. Getting Macy to smile naturally was like pulling teeth. I do feel like we took a couple pictures worth keeping. To see all the pictures visit my facebook page under albums.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Macy!! 3 !!

Macy in her cool airplane!

Mom and Macy testing out the plane.

Happy family on a really good day!

Isn't she an angel

Today we are celebrating Macy's 3rd birthday. I have been waiting for this day for awhile because lately Macy has been saying that she is too little to do things. She keeps telling me that, "When it's my birthday I'll be big enough to do that." So now she will have to come up with a different excuse.
Macy told me that she wanted an airplane for her birthday. We took her to the toy store and showed her all the airplanes. They would interest her for a short time and then she would lose interest. So we didn't buy any. Then we got home and I thought,"you know we have alot of moving boxes in the garage let's build an airplane." Of course she thought that was pretty neat and she liked helping me build and decorate the plane. We have had a hard time getting her to do anything else but play in her plane. She also informed this morning that her plane can turn into anything like a pirate ship or a camper. So before you spend alot of money on little kids, try a cardboard box instead.

I am also posting a picture of Andrea in her blessing dress. For those who don't know, in our church, when a child is born, we give her a special blessing so that her name is recorded in the church records and a blessing is given to help give her strength and love. The dress that she is wearing was made for me 25 years ago by my grandmother at my blessing. Macy also wore this dress.